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Line 31: Line 31:
 ==== Check for an existing SSH key ==== ==== Check for an existing SSH key ====
-If you already have an SSH key you will probably find it here:+If you already have an SSH key in your computer ​you will probably find it here:
 Linux/macOS :      ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa.pub Linux/macOS :      ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa.pub
Line 88: Line 88:
      ​HostName gitlab.inf.unibz.it      ​HostName gitlab.inf.unibz.it
      user your_username      user your_username
-     ​IdentityFile ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa.pub+     ​IdentityFile ~/​.ssh/​id_rsa
 </​code>​ </​code>​
Line 95: Line 95:
 Host gitlab.inf.unibz.it Host gitlab.inf.unibz.it
      ​RSAAuthentication yes      ​RSAAuthentication yes
-     ​IdentityFile ~/​.ssh/​config/​id_rsa.pub+     ​IdentityFile ~/​.ssh/​config/​id_rsa
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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