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   * Publication of exams results   * Publication of exams results
 +  * Correspondence related with special needs of students with disabilities or learning difficulties, preparation of teaching material in specific digital formats for such students, simplified exam texts for such students,  and so on (all issues related with education of students who have disabilities or special needs like dyslexia)
 ===== Administrative duties ===== ===== Administrative duties =====
   * Selection of candidates   * Selection of candidates
 +  * Handling of student certificates (e.g. for recognition of exams and degree) 
 +===== Misc =====
 +  * Data retention: should emails and documents with sensitive but not longer necessary data be deleted?
 +  * Emails etc. where health related information can be deducted (eg. "professor I need to cancel tomorrow's meeting since I am now in hospital for at least 10 days")
 +  * reference letters
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