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For Oracle 10g Release 2 only (10.2g)


set | grep ORACLE_HOME

javac -classpath $ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar:./sdoutl.jar:$ORACLE_HOME/md/lib/sdoapi.jar
  • Execute:
  java -cp .:$ORACLE_HOME/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar:sdoutl.jar:$ORACLE_HOME/md/lib/sdoapi.jar SampleShapefileToJGeomFeature -h HOST -p PORT -s SID -u USER -d PASS -t TABLE -f FILE_NAME


  • HOST - Oracle 10.2 hostname
  • PORT - port of the DB (must be indicated always)
  • SID of the database
  • USER - user name
  • PASS - user password
  • TABLE - spatial table name which will be created in Oracle
  • FILE_NAME - Shapefile name (without extension)

If anything, contact me (the creator of this page) {at} unibz {dot} it.

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