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 ===== WIKI/SVN accounts ====== ===== WIKI/SVN accounts ======
-If you don’t have an account at the the faculty of computer science you must ask for a **WIKI/SVN account** to be able to partecipate to the cooperative tools provided by the Faculty.+Users who have an or an account are by default enabled to create GIT/SVN repositories.  
 +External users should ask for a **WIKI/SVN account** so as to use the service for collaborating with us.
-To do so you must download the {{public:wiki_rules.pdf| WIKI/CVS/SVN usage agreement}} and the {{public:unibz_ict_rulesnetwork.pdf| rules for accessing the network}}, sign them, and send them by fax to +39-0471-016-009 along with a copy of a photo-id. Then you have to send a [[|mail to us]] with your desired login and the name of the referent member of staff at the Faculty of Computer Science. We will contact you providing you with a password.+To do so please proceed by one of the following ways:
 +  * External user has a e-mail of a well known Institute, e.g. University then we create an Account straight away
 +for other users
 +  * send us via fax +39-0471-016-009 or via[[|e-mail ]]:
 +  * the {{public:wiki_rules.pdf| WIKI/CVS/SVN usage agreement}} signed,
 +  * the {{:public:ict_rules_accessing.pdf|Rules for accessing the network - unibz signed}},
 +  * a copy of a photo-ID. 
 +Please always mind to inform us with whom you are collaborating.
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