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Frequently Asked Questions

Generic Problems

Search the CS-Tech wiki if you have a Computer problem. If something is missing and you think it should be included on the CS-Tech wiki, write to the CS-Tech team.


How to write a ticket

  • Be as specific as possible, e.g. fullname of the application, exact error message, name of PC, etc.
  • Include all necessary information, e.g. computer room, date and time

Examples of bad tickets

  1. Please print the attached document on the plotter.

Problem: User did NOT specify the size of the poster.


Plotter Infos

Plotter Model:

HP Designjet 800ps (7353) Plotter (42 in) (C7780C) Service Manual
Max width of Roll = 106 cm

Paper Sizes

Size       mm         inches
A0     841 x 1189  33.1 x 46.8
A1     594 x 841   23.4 x 33.1
A2     420 x 594   16.5 x 23.4
A3     297 x 420   11.7 x 16.5
A4     210 x 297    8.3 x 11.7
A5     148 x 210    5.8 x  8.3
A6     105 x 148    4.1 x 5.8

International Standard (ISO) Paper Sizes

Available Paper Types:

HP Coated Paper
Width 841mm x Length 45,7m
Width 33,11 inch x Length 150 ft
90 g/m² 26 lb.

e-pa Jet
Premium Coat
Width 914mm x Lenght 30m
Width 36 inch x Length 100 ft

Not available at the moment!

HP Universal Instant-Dry Semi-gloss Photo Paper
Width 914mm x Length 30,5m
Width 36 inch x Length 100 ft
190 g/m²


Example 1

PDF Document Properties Paper Size: A0, Landscape (1189 x 841 mm)
Printing on HP Coated Paper

Page Setup: Coated-A0 Landscape
Page Handling: Shrink to Printable Area
Advanced: Scale to: ISO A1

Example 2

PDF file example-pdf.pdf
Paper Size: A5, Portrait (5.83 × 8.27 inch)
Printing on HP Coated Paper

Print Settings (evince, Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS)

Print –> General

Print –> Page Setup

Print –> Page Handling

Print Preview


Things to keep in mind when printing to the plotter:

  • do embed *all* fonts in the PDF.

With latex this is done as follows:

 latex poster
 dvips poster
 ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/printer -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4
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