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-====== Google for Education ===== 
-We are running a test setup of Google App for education for the Faculty of Computer science under the [[http://​gogo.unibz.it]] domain.\\ 
-You can access Google Apps directly from [[http://​mail.google.com/​a/​gogo.unibz.it]] after you have [[https://​www.inf.unibz.it/​googlepwd/​changepwd.php|set]] your password.\\ 
-The service is provided with support based on best effort. 
-==== Managing multiple accounts ==== 
-Once you have set you password ad have [[http://​mail.google.com/​a/​gogo.unibz.it|logged in]] you can manage your account from this page [[https://​www.google.com/​accounts/​ManageAccount]]\\ 
-Here by following the Edit link under **Multiple sign-in** you can [[https://​www.google.com/​accounts/​MultipleSessions|activate]] multiple accounts for the same browser session, for example to be able to quickly switch to and from your preexisting private Google account. A logout from Google is required for the activation of this feature.\\ 
-Please see also [[http://​www.google.com/​support/​accounts/​bin/​answer.py?​answer=179235&​hl=en]] 
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