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Installation Protocol HP Proliant DL 380 G7

07/02/2013 9:20

Server: HP Proliant DL380 G7, 108GB RAM, 8 x 900GB Harddisk, 4 x Ethernet ports

BIOS Version: P67 05/05/2011



  • Server
  • Monitor (VGA)
  • USB Mouse
  • USB Keyboard


A) HP Smart Update Firmware DVD
B) HP Smart Start 64bit CD
C) Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64bit USB
D) Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit DVD

Server is mounted in 19“ Rack with 2 x Power Cables and 2 x Ethernet Cables connected.

Connect Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard at Frontpanel

Update BIOS Firmware

Boot Server with B) in DVD-Drive, takes about 90 sec, press F11 for Boot menu, next choose 1 to boot from DVD-Drive.

Follow the screen messages using the interactive update process.

Reboot Server!

Now Bios Version: P67 12/02/2012

Create Logical Drives

It is necessary to create 2 separate logical drive, because of the 2TB limit, of the MSDOS partition table for Operating Systems.

Boot with B) in DVD-Drive, press F11 for Boot menu and choose 1. Select Smart Start 8.70 x64, Englisch (US) installation language and Deutsch as Keyboard.

Maintenance –> HP Array Config&Diagnostics

Smart Array P410i in Embedded Slot

Operating System Logical Drive

  1. Create Array –> Select All (8 Drives)
  2. Create Logical Drive –> Raid 0, Size 150GB, Strip Size 256KB, Sector/Track 32, Array Accelerator Enabled

Data Logical Drive

Select Unused Space 6.4TB

  1. Create logical Drive –> Raid 0, Size 6556.656GB, Strip Size 256KB, Sector/Track 32, Array Accelerator Enabled

Exit ACU

–> back to Home select Install

Choose the drive that you want to install the OS to:

Smart Array P410i Controller Slot 0

  1. Disk 1: 149.99GB
  2. Disk 2: 6.40TB

Next –> Operating System Selection Retail Media Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition Next –> Media

  1. DVD-Rom Media
  2. Standard folder/directory format

Next –> NTFS Size 80GBN Next OK Computer Name: picco Password: Repeat Password: *

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