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-====== Verify and Sign Documents ====== 
-In order to sign or verify a pdf document you need an Aruba digital Signature. Talk to the CS-Secretariat (M. Gesualdo) for this. 
-Unibz provides a remote call fo authentication. 
-===== Verify Documents (open a p7m file) ===== 
-Download arubasign from https://​www.pec.it/​download-software-driver.aspx Software section for your operating system. 
-To open a p7m signed file use **arubasign**. 
-  - launch from terminal: arubasign 
-  - select Verify and choose your p7m file (files type: signed files) 
-  - select Open Content (3rd item down) to simply open the file or 
-  - select Save Content (4th item down) if you want to save the file 
-===== Sign pdf Document ===== 
-see this document: 
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