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Virtual Desktop and Applications

As a student or teacher you can access our virtual desktop infrastructure. Virtual desktop are pre-configured Windows 8.1 PC with a set of programs you will need to perform your study or work at the Faculty of Computer Science We are providing desktops in our computer labs and also over the internet.

Accessing virtual desktops

PC Labs

Virtual desktops are available the PC labs E331/E431/E531 in the E building. To access them just power on a PC and choose

1) View Client - VDI Desktop

The VMware View client starts and in a couple of seconds the login dialog will pop up. Please choose UNIBZ as you domain ant type in your username and password.

At this point you have access to different resources. You can start your virtual desktop by choosing Windows 8.1 - PC Labs. The first run will take a couple of minutes to log you in to your desktop.

Your PC/MAC/Andriod/iOS/Linux device

You can also access the virtual desktops form your devices. Clients for the principal OS here. Apps for iOS and Android can be dowloaded form the respective stores, just search for “VMware View”.

The client needs to be configured to be able to access the desktops. Press the “+” button

and type as server.

login with your credentials

and choose Windows 8.1 - PC Labs

The first run will take a couple of minutes to log you in to your desktop.

HTML5 access - Unsupported

If you need to access your desktops and you don't have the possibility to install the client, you can use a HTML5 compatible browser. This access is offered as best effort, there are some know issues, like you have to use the US keyboard layout and we won't provide support.

Point it at and choose VMware Horizon HTML access

Put your credentials and dont'forget to choose UNIBZ as domain

Select Windows 8.1 - PC Labs


If you disconnect from the View client the session will run for 2 hours. After this time your virtual desktop will be powered off and unsaved work will be lost. There is no time limitation if you stay connected.

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