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Unison File Synchronizer


Unison is a cross-platform and robust file synchronisation tool. Version 2.13.16 of Unison is installed on both fileservers and

Installation and Use


Tips and Tricks

  • You should use ssh to connect to the server, by specifying one of the roots as ssh:// folder. To discover the exact path of your home folder you can connect to the server via ssh and type pwd on the command line. E.g. my unison configuration file contains the line
root = ssh://
  • Under some circumstances Excel modifies its files without changing the timestamps. Obviously, this confuses file synchronization tools. If you get an error on an excel file you can fix if by updating the timestamp of the file with the command line touch filename and running unison again.

Windows XP

Install Unison on Windows to syncronize data between Windows and Linux using SSH


Software Packages:

  1. gtk-runtime-2.12.1-rev-b.exe
  2. ssh.exe

Download Software Packages from Internet or from our local Repository!


Install all 4 Packages
  1. Run gtk-runtime-2.12.1-rev-b.exe by default installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0
  2. Copy ssh.exe in C:\WINDOWS\
  3. Create folder Unison in C:\Program Files\ and extract Unison-2.27.57 Gtk+.exe, if you want to use the graphical interface to the newly created folder
  4. Extract from the file plink.exe and place it in C:\WINDOWS\
Add bin gtk-runtime to PATH
  1. Select My Computer → Properties → Advanced
  2. Environment Variables → System Variables: Click on Path and press Edit
  3. Go to the end of the line and insert :C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin
  4. Press 3 x OK

Test if Unison works by double clicking Unison-2.27.57 Gtk+.exe in C:\Program Files\Unison

Unison configuration files are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\username\.unison. Initially there should be a configuration file default.prf there. Prepare/Modify a configuration file to fit your needs.

If the Unison version on your Server is different you can use the -addversionno. For this create a batch file e.g. sync.bat in the C:\Program Files\Unison directory:


"C:\Program Files\Unison\Unison-2.27.57 Gtk+.exe" -addversionno

Next create from the batch file a shortcut to the Desktop if you wish.

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