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Install Clearcase Server 7.1 Linux (Redhat)

Installing Clearcase Server 7.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4 (Nahant Update 8)


Apply this changes to the clearcase software packages

chmod +x /root/cc/InstallerImage_linux/jre_5.0.3.sr8a_20080811b/jre/bin/java
chmod +x /root/cc/InstallerImage_linux/install
chmod +x /root/cc/launchpad/*.sh

Extra software packages needed:

up2date -i gcc

Kernel Image

cd /tmp
rpm -i kernel-devel-2.6.9-89.0.25.EL.x86_64.rpm

Kernel source

up2date redhat-rpm-config rpm-build
up2date --get-source kernel
rpm -ivh /var/spool/up2date/kernel*.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
rpmbuild -bp --target=i686 kernel-2.6.spec
cp -a /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/kernel-2.6.9/linux-2.6.9 /usr/src
ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6.9 /usr/src/linux

To allow mvfs to work ok!

mkdir /var/adm/rational/clearcase
touch /var/adm/rational/clearcase/no_mvfs_tag


[root@cc cc]# ./

 Here are the screenshots!!!!

clearcase-installation_1 clearcase-installation_2 clearcase-installation_3 clearcase-installation_4 clearcase-installation_5 clearcase-installation_6 clearcase-installation_7 clearcase-installation_8 clearcase-installation_9 clearcase-installation_10 clearcase-installation_11 clearcase-installation_12 clearcase-installation_13 clearcase-installation_14 clearcase-installation_15 clearcase-installation_16 clearcase-installation_17 clearcase-installation_18

Post Installation

rm /var/adm/rational/clearcase/no_mvfs_tag

Status/Stop/Start/Restart ClearCase

/usr/atria/etc/atria_start status|stop|start|restart

Update/Modify Installation

To update or modify launch the Installation Manager


Rebuild the MVFS without reinstalling Rational ClearCase

Run the command:

 cd /var/adm/rational/clearcase/mvfs/mvfs_src

Clean up the results of previous builds:

 make clean

Build the MVFS modules:


You will be prompted for the path to the Linux kernel source directory. The default prompt is /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build.

Install the newly built MVFS modules into the proper directory under /lib/modules, so that the MVFS modules will be loaded into the kernel when Rational ClearCase starts:

 make install

Restart Rational ClearCase.

 /opt/rational/clearcase/etc/clearcase stop
 /opt/rational/clearcase/etc/clearcase start

After the installation process has completed, test that Rational ClearCase has been properly installed by running the cleartool -version command. You should see output indicating the version of MVFS that has been installed, as in the following example.

 /opt/rational/clearcase/bin/cleartool -version
ClearCase version (Wed Mar 31 15:49:36 EDT 2010) (
@(#) MVFS version (Thu Feb 25 07:15:14 2010) built at $Date: 2010-07-05.12:00:58 (UTC) $
cleartool                (Fri Feb 26 23:24:30 2010)
db_server                (Thu Feb 25 08:15:16 2010)
VOB database schema version: 54

Install Clearcase Client 7.1 Linux (Redhat)

Build kernel module from source

Get mvfs source from e.g. Clearcase Server

scp -r /var/adm/rational/clearcase/mvfs/mvfs_src/ root@clearcase-client:/var/adm/rational/clearcase/mvfs/

Install kernel source

up2date --get-source kernel

Read through how to compile kernel module:

more /var/adm/rational/clearcase/mvfs/mvfs_src/README.txt

Eclipse Clearcase Client

Using Eclipse with Clearcase Client plugin

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